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Wed May 15, 2024, 10:36 AM Wednesday

UPDATE My house insurance sent me a letter that I was at risk of losing my coverage

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based on their inspection in the last 12 months that my roof was in poor repair, and I needed to repair or replace it. I just got a whole new roof and gutters last Sept. I got the big trees heavily trimmed a little over 2 years ago. We've had Nationwide for many years. They used to be good. I don't see why they bothered to tell me. They added a big wind damage deductible to our policy, and the last time we had wind damage in 2012, the money they paid out didn't cover half of the damage. I don't expect an improvement in coverage, and it'll probably be worse.

I sure wish New York Life offered homeowner's insurance. We've been very satisfied with their life insurance and investment opportunties.

The ins. co. called. The pictures of my roof were taken last May. I still have to take the invoice to their office. Just a pita

Thanks for all of the stories and support.

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UPDATE My house insurance sent me a letter that I was at risk of losing my coverage (Original Post) Marthe48 Wednesday OP
Sometimes I'm glad i rent XanaDUer2 Wednesday #1
We've gone without for thirty years. Arne Wednesday #2
Here in SW Florida markodochartaigh Wednesday #3
Soon we'll all live in an uninsurable area. CrispyQ Wednesday #5
I read that it's hard to get ins. in fl. Marthe48 Wednesday #7
I'm considering a metal roof, back in Texas markodochartaigh Wednesday #9
The roof contractor told me Marthe48 Wednesday #10
I think that there are many types of metal roofs, markodochartaigh Wednesday #11
When I sent proof of a new roof to my insurance I got almost $200 deducted from my annual bill. CrispyQ Wednesday #4
We were in a BIG fight for a new roof with our carrier (Allstate) here in Texas. flying_wahini Wednesday #6
Nationwide did the same in 2012 Marthe48 Wednesday #8


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2. We've gone without for thirty years.
Wed May 15, 2024, 10:47 AM

Thru three hurricanes two roofs, pool cage collapse.
The usual stuff we pay for. No fire, no flood, just close calls.


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3. Here in SW Florida
Wed May 15, 2024, 10:56 AM

my homeowners insurance doubled and then the company left the state. Until I replace the roof I can't get new coverage, and perhaps not even then. The situation is due to a conjunction of three catastrophes, anthropogenic climate change, callous and ineffective Republican state government, and the fact that insurance fraud is one of the largest industries in the state. "A sunny state for shady people."


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5. Soon we'll all live in an uninsurable area.
Wed May 15, 2024, 11:04 AM

Rising tides, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, drought, wildfire. What then? YOYO - you're on your own.


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7. I read that it's hard to get ins. in fl.
Wed May 15, 2024, 11:33 AM

The insurers used to accept risk and pay homeowners for damage. It doesn't seem like insurance companies want to accept risk and they don't want to pay out. So what good is paying a premium that goes up every year and the company covers less and less?

My house is out of the flood zone. It has gone through all but 2 storms undamaged. First storm, no damage, second storm, the wind damaged trees in our yard, which caused fence damage and broke a window. It has been a fairly safe spot. We've kept up with keeping it sound. The roof I replaced was 15 years old. Was supposed to last 40, but the shingles were a new kind that year and they were bad bad quality, so bad that there is a class action lawsuit against Corning (I think)


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9. I'm considering a metal roof, back in Texas
Wed May 15, 2024, 09:31 PM

where fist sized hail happens every year my Mom had a metal roof which has lasted well for 25 years. But my house was built in 1988 and is frame instead of concrete block. I specifically looked in this area because it is the highest in the county, and neither Irma nor Ian caused flooding here. I can't see how the current high real estate prices will be maintained if people can't get insurance.


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10. The roof contractor told me
Wed May 15, 2024, 09:57 PM

That with the metal roofs, there are screws, bolts, hardware that has to be replaced every 7 or 8 years, or the lifetime warranty is voided. We had no idea about flood plains when we bought this house. Thank goodness we picked well.

In Ohio, if you have a mortgage, you have to have insurance to cover the mortgage in case the house is destroyed. The agents at Nationwide told us we had to have a policy that covered full replacement costs. I don't think that's right, especially when the agent doesn't tell you how getting exact material for replacement is going to affect what they charge you for the policy.

Another thing that I'm wondering--does the insurance company have the right to monitor my house without my knowledge and dictate what mainentance I need to do? My daughter couldn't believe they sent that letter. When she mentioned that, I started wondering about overreach and under performance. I can guess no matter what shape my roof is in, if there is damage, Nationwide will pay as little as they can.

One of the people who replied to my post earlier said they hadn't had ins. for 30 years. Hmmmm


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11. I think that there are many types of metal roofs,
Wed May 15, 2024, 10:22 PM

my Mom's roof never needed any hardware replacement. But, although it is in one of the windiest places in the US, it is also extremely dry, old barb-wire fence posts last for a century.

It has always been my understanding that if you have a mortgage the bank will require an insurance policy in whatever amount is necessary to cover THEIR risk. The bank doesn't care about whether you carry insurance on your personal possessions that the bank hasn't loaned you money on. My house is paid off so, unfortunately, the risk is mine. Several of my neighbors also lack insurance.

I'm almost one hundred percent certain that the insurance company monitors houses that they insure. I have never heard that they require an indoor inspection unless there has been some event, however I heard a couple of years ago that they were flying drones over houses to check on the roofs. I also read that they use satellites, airplanes, and balloons because the drone laws are a vague patchwork of regulations.

I certainly think that you are correct that the insurance company will pay as little as they think that they can get away with.


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4. When I sent proof of a new roof to my insurance I got almost $200 deducted from my annual bill.
Wed May 15, 2024, 10:59 AM

It's not alot but I'll take it.


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6. We were in a BIG fight for a new roof with our carrier (Allstate) here in Texas.
Wed May 15, 2024, 11:15 AM

Our 6 year old (30 yr shingles) has been subjected to several nasty hail storms over the last 5 years. Several different roofing companies we contacted all said it was totaled. Allstate said no, it’s not. Everyone in the neighborhood got new roofs, too.
Kept saying it for 2 + years. Had at least 2 bad storms again called. They would come out but always sent an independent contractor to inspect. A couple didn’t even go up on the roof. This went on for couple of years and had another big storm with leaking in the garage area. Called again and left a message as they rarely go into the office since Covid.
My husband raised hell about it and insisted they send someone from Allstate out.
NOT a contracted inspector. So they finally did. Took 2-3 months.
The coup de grace was the last time they said they hey oh yes, it’s totaled but because it’s over 5 years old you are only entitled to almost nothing (3000.) of what we promised.
We reported them to Austin insurance fraud division . We got a check for the full amount within a month.
We are very happy with the new roof.
Sometimes squeaky wheel gets the grease.


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8. Nationwide did the same in 2012
Wed May 15, 2024, 12:46 PM

Someone in tx. sent in a lowball estimate of damage without stepping a foot on our property in Ohio, where we live, where the house is. We raised hell and Nationwide sent an adjustor to view the damage onsite. Unfortunately, the storm that hit us was after some of the storms in fl. and Nationwide added a $1200.00 wind deductible on top of the policy deductible, so even with an adjutor coming to the house, we got far less than the cost of the damage. Add to that the tree guys in Marietta are very expensive. My husband found a tree guy who did the work for the insurance payment and a Buick we were trying to sell.

When I got the big trees trimmed, the tree guy said if they were his trees, he couldn't afford to get the work done. We both laughed and laughed.

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