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riversedge's Journal
riversedge's Journal
July 23, 2024

ACTUAL NEWS: #SGOTUS Emhoff responds to Trump's criticism of #VP #Harris.....

Well done Mr Emhoff.

ACTUAL NEWS: #SGOTUS Emhoff responds to Trump’s criticism of #VP #Harris

While visiting a reproductive rights clinic in Va, SGOTUS responded to a question from the pool about his response to former President Trump’s criticisms of Vice President #KamalaHarris:

“That’s all he’s got? Look, you heard the Vice President yesterday making the case against Donald Trump very clearly. Laid out the case directly, and in a compelling fashion. But she also laid out a vision for the future, a vision where there’s freedom, where we’re not having to talk about these issues of today in this post-Dobbs hellscape that Donald Trump created,” Emhoff said.

“So we need to, yes, we’re going to prosecute the case against Donald Trump and his lies, his gaslighting, his—during Covid, the dereliction of duty, inciting an insurrection and all those other things. We’re going to make that very clear, she’s going to be able to make that case. But we’re also going to move on from this type of environment, this Dobbs- where freedoms are taken away, where autonomy is taken away. Where they’re telling you you can’t read this book, there telling you you can’t learn this fact, they’re telling you you can’t vote. All that is going to change and it must change.”

“You see the enthusiasm, you see the excitement, you saw the money raised, you saw the party coalesce. You saw the broad base of support that she had in just one or two days. Because she’s talking about an America that we all have a place in. And that’s why Kamala Harris, who I’m so proud of- I’m also so proud of the president. I got choked up yesterday in Wilmington, all of us did. What a great man. Love Joe #Biden.”

“But, Kamala Harris has united the party. She’s going to unite the country. She’s going to earn this nomination. You see that happening. And she’s going to win this election, thank you.”
2:24 PM · Jul 23, 2024


July 23, 2024

Bodies of Dead and Wounded Fill Khan Younis Hospital as Israeli Assault Grinds On

This Hate that is being produced will last for generations. Nothing good will come of this continuous bombing.


Bodies of Dead and Wounded Fill Khan Younis Hospital as Israeli Assault Grinds On


Jul 23, 2024

In Gaza, Israeli forces are continuing their new ground invasion of the southern city of Khan Younis, where thousands of people are fleeing airstrikes and heavy artillery fire. At least 84 Palestinians were killed over the past day, with more than 300 others wounded. Medical staff at the Nasser Medical Complex report they are completely overwhelmed and have been forced to treat patients on hospital floors. Relatives gathered outside the hospital Monday to mourn the dead. This is Ahmed Sammour, who lost his infant child and several relatives when an Israeli airstrike destroyed the home where they were sheltering.

Ahmed Sammour: “We are tired. We are tired in Gaza. Every day our children are martyred. Every day, every moment. This is the blood of our children. It has not yet dried. … No one told us to evacuate. They brought four floors crashing down on civilians.”

July 23, 2024

Russia and China push back against U.S. warnings over military and economic forays in the melting Arctic

Source: CBS news

July 23, 2024 / 9:51 AM EDT / CBS/AFP

Washington — Russia and China on Tuesday pushed back against a U.S. warning over their increasing military and economic cooperation in the Arctic, where climate change is opening up greater competition................................

...........The two autocratic countries — which two years ago suggested they were working together to offer a new "democratic world order" — pledged in a joint statement signed in May, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited his counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing, to consider together the negative impact of the U.S. and NATO's strategy in the Asia-Pacific.

The rapid melting of polar ice has sent activity in the inhospitable region into overdrive as nations eye newly viable oil, gas and mineral deposits as well as shipping routes in an area with a complex web of competing territorial claims.

The issue has been an increasing focus for both Washington and its NATO allies, and particularly Canada, which has more than 100,000 miles of Arctic coastline. Canada's defense ministry recently announced plans to quadruple the size of its submarine fleet with the purchase of 12 new subs capable of operating under sea ice.

Moscow is heavily promoting its Northern Sea Route, an alternative cargo route for vessels travelling between Europe and Asia that can shave significant time off southerly routes...............

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-china-us-arctic-nato-military-economic-activities-climate-change/

Kamala Harris--if elected as our President is going to have a big problem with the Arctic ice melting so fast.

Shorter shipping routes

The Suez Canal route is mainly used, which is about 11,000 nautical miles. In contrast, the Northern Sea route, lying in Arctic waters with only some parts free of ice for a few months per year, is about 8,000 nautical miles. Melting Arctic ice caps are likely to increase traffic and the commercial viability of this shorter route.

July 22, 2024

Vance is at his first solo rally and "And Fox is cutting coverage of Vance's speech"....

I am not watching TV but assume these reporters are accurate.

Trump is in meltdown mode. After wasting last week attacking someone who’s dropped out of the race, he's now facing someone younger, smarter and quicker than he's ever been. He knows he’s in trouble and now saddled with this bad VP pick who is awkward and deeply unfunny.


July 22, 2024

Four billboards up in North Carolina!

Trumpy will not like these. Too bad!!

PS: I am not asking you to contribute to the boards but just
wanted to show them to you.


July 22, 2024

Swalwell went on Fox News and spoke truth to an audience that rarely hears it: "The Joe that I know is somebody who

Swalwell went on Fox News and spoke truth to an audience that rarely hears it: "The Joe that I know is somebody who did something that Donald Trump would never, ever do, which is to put the country first ... Biden's cabinet will show up at Kamala Harris's acceptance of her nomination speech. Donald Trump wasn't able to say that ... This is gonna be a race now about the past -- in Trump -- or the future. And rights or reversal. The rights she'll protect - especially a woman's right to make a decision about her body - and the rights that Trump has taken away with his SCOTUS nominees."

Full segment 👇

July 22, 2024

What happens to the money President Joe Biden has already raised for reelection? It's complicated.


What happens to the money President Joe Biden has already raised for reelection?

Updated: 11:37 AM CDT Jul 22, 2024

WASHINGTON —................
Many campaign finance experts say that, should Harris become the nominee, any money remaining in the campaign’s bank accounts would transfer to her political operation because she already is part of the ticket.

But some Republican lawyers disagree, arguing that under some interpretations, Biden and Harris must be formally nominated by their party before any money could be shifted.

"If President Biden is committed to passing the torch to his vice president, and wants to be able to seed her campaign with the current Biden for President campaign war chest, he’ll first have to become his party’s legal nominee," veteran Republican election lawyer Charlie Spies wrote in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal earlier this month.

If the Democrats go with another candidate, transferring that money would be tricky. .............

He could also shift that money into a Political Action Committee (PAC), which would be capped at $5,000 donations to the campaign committees, but would have unlimited spending power on running its own advertisements. However, PACs are not allowed to collude with campaigns in any way, so the PAC’s spending could be heavily scrutinized.



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